7/11/2013 3:05 PM

  Ken Duke is still fresh off his win at the Traveler’s Championship and is currently playing in the John Deere Classic. Ken checks in with us at the beginning of the show before he heads out to dominate on the course.

In The Zone today we were joined by Phil Elson. Phil is our resident baseball expert but on the Revolution hotline we had another Baseball aficionado. Bleacher Report lead MLB writer Joe Giglio joined us for some in depth baseball talk.

 We have our Razorback Report and find out that there will be Gazebo’s available for rent at Razorback games. We also talk about SEC media days and the suspension of Marshall Henderson.

 There was supposed to be a match up between two of The Buzz’s most hated callers but one of the callers had some issues. He calls in at the end of the show and gets put in his place. You almost feel sorry for the guy on the phone. ALMOST.

 Coming up Friday, Justin is live at Middleton Heat and Air and we will have some money saving AC tips. We will continue our look back at the year so far and have your Zone Rewind and the “Matty T” minute and find out what’s hot in theatres this weekend. Thanks for listening to The Zone from 10 to 1 with Justin Acri.


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