SEC Media Days and Slive faces the music

10/22/2009 2:47 PM

Today is basketball media day for the SEC in Birmingham, but after the SEC suspended the crew from Saturday's Arkansas-Florida game it was no surprise we were talking football.  SEC Commissioner Mike Slive came on and we thought was VERY magnanimous in regard to the officials and their mistakes that helped lead to a Gator win. We also talked some hoops with The Commish

and basketball legend CM Newton who was a wealth of knowledge and history.  Unbelievable man.

Tonight Clint Conque Show live from Doe's Eat Place in Conway with Justin and Coach Conque and immediately following will be the ALCS with AJ Burnett on the mound for the Yanks facing Torii Hunter and the Angels.  An LA loss means Yanks advance to face the defending champion Phillies!


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