8/16/2013 2:42 PM

 We had a big show today to wrap up the week and were joined in studio by two big personalities. Both the Pigskin Preacher and The Sunday Buzz’s Bill Vickery were in studio today. We spend time today reliving the nightmare that was the John L. Smith season because reliving the pain is the best way to move forward. In this segment we talk about the top ten moments we would like to forget from John L. last season.

 From Saturday Down South we talk to Jon Cooper. We talk to Jon about SEC coaches. We find out what assistant coaches he thinks will be head coaches and discuss those who have had short term and long term success.

 From the Arkansas News Bureau we talk to Robbie Neiswanger.

 On the Revolution hotline we talk to Senator David Sanders. He was on to talk about a new law going into effect today about concussion protocols.

 In today’s Matt T. minute I break down this weekend at the box office and what you should see and what you should stay away from.

 In our Zone Rewind we look back at the best interview and show moments from the week.

 We hope you have a great weekend and as always we thank you for listening to The Zone weekdays from 10 to 1 with Justin Acri!


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