9/11/2013 2:13 PM

 Today in The Zone we have our Wednesday with Wally Hall presented by Deltic Timber. In our first segment with Wally we talk about the NFL. We also play some audio of Jim Mora getting understandably angry at a member of the media for chatting on their phone while he is talking about a freshman wide reciever who had been killed in a car accident over the weekend.

 Today in our Jim’s Razorback Pizza report we talk about this past Saturday’s game and the upcoming game at against Southern Mississippi in Fayetteville. We also discuss the ongoing stadium debate and games being moved out of Little Rock.

 Making his return today was the “Big Taco” Joe Kleine. Joe stops by to tell us about the SpectacUALR and what this fund raising event is all about. For tickets or more info you can click HERE.

 Joe sticks around for another segment to talk about the upcoming UALR Trojan season. It may also be because we had Robin in studio with a bunch of Little Caesar’s pizza but we are always happy to have Joe in no matter what the reason is.

 From Bleacher Report we talk some NFL with their Lead National Writer Michael Schottey. He made a Walter White Breaking Bad reference that was lost on the host but not Matty T.

 Next up it’s college football talk with Michael Felder. He is the lead college football writer for Bleacher Report.

 Thursday Matt Stell will be in studio and we will talk to Bobby Valentine. We will talk Henderson Athletics with Head Coach Scott Maxfield. Nate Olson from Sync Weekly will be in and we will also talk to Edward Aschoff from We thank you for listening to The Zone weekdays from 10 to 1 with Justin Acri!


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