9/27/2013 1:44 PM

  Today The Zone was live from Jose’s on Dickson street getting ready for tomorrow’s game against Texas A&M. In today’s Jim’s Razorback Pizza report we first talk to KATV’s Todd Yakoubian to tell us what the whether will be like at game time. In studio was Bill Vickery who pointed out that Yakoubian sounds like the name of a bond villain. In addition to giving us the weather forecast for game day he also makes a prediction that the Hogs will win against Johnny Football. Joining Justin at Jose’s for the segment was Robbie Neiswanger from the Arkansas News Bureau to give us his insight as to how the Hogs will perform tomorrow.

 Also stopping by was the voice of the Razorbacks. Chuck Barrett sits down with us to preview the game.

 Our friends from NYPD Pizza didn’t stop by today but we still have our weekly college picks with Justin and Bill.

 In this week’s Matt T. minute I tell you what is new in theatres this weekend. This week we have three new movies including one directed by the little kid from The Andy Griffith Show and one from the kid from Angels in the Outfield.

 In our Zone Rewind we look back at the best show moments of the week. We hear from Houston Nutt at the LRTDC and find out about Eric Berry’s fear of horses.

 Monday we will be back with Gameballs and Jockstraps and find out how our Hogs played against the Weasel. We will be live from the LRTDC thanks to Epoch with guest speaker Gene Chizik. We thank you for listening to The Zone from 10 to 1 with Justin Acri!


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