Texas Tech & Their Fat Bottom Girls

10/28/2009 12:57 PM

Texas Tech Coach Mike Leach made some headlines when he called his players' girlfriends "Fat Bottom Girls"  who like to pump up his players' egos after their loss to Texas A&M.  His boy, Kansas Coach Mark Mangino came to his defense....wonder why?

Also, thanks to Chris Bahn from Arkansassports360.com coming on The Zone to talk about the Hogs football.

Benton's Cliff Lee from the Phillies takes the mound tonight against the Yankees in Game 1 of the World Series.  You can hear the game on the Buzz after the Hogwild Show live from Boston's at the Holiday Inn Airport.

Tonight on The Buzz:  Bobby Petrino Live at 7:00 with players Knile Davis and Austin Moss followed by Hogwild with Clint Stoerner at 8.  Then it's all World Series after that!!!

The tape is in from last night's big game between the 103.7 Buzzer Beaters vs. CAC Lady Mustangs. Tha game ended in a tie!!!! Huh? here's the link to all the highlights: http://recruittapes.com/BUZZvCAC.wmv


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