11/1/2013 2:10 PM

 Friday in The Zone we were joined by the incomparable William Vickery Jr. He is the host of the wildly successful Sunday Digest which broadcasts most Sunday’s when there is working equipment. We had an in depth discussion earlier in the week about the name of the Washington R**Skins and we get Bill’s educated take on the whole situation.

 Joining us on the Stickyz Hotline was former Denver Broncos running back Terrell Davis. He was on with us thanks to NBC Sports Radio which you can hear online at

 Joining us from the Arkansas News Bureau was Robbie Neiswanger. We chop it up with Robbie about tomorrow’s game against Auburn in our Jim’s Razorback Pizza Report.

 On with us to talk about the Breeder’s Cup was Jeff “Money” Taylor.

  In this segment we have our much anticipated and world famous Blind Pig picks.

  In the Matty T. Minute we find out what new crap they have churned out this week in the theatre.

 In our Zone Rewind we look back at the best interview and show moments from the week. This week we talked to Alyssa Milano and got a creepy response from Wally Hall. Here is the remix in it’s original form to pump at your next get together.

 Monday we will be live from The LRTDC and the special guest speaker is Steve Sullivan. We hope you have a safe weekend and thank you for listening to Justin Acri’s The Zone from 10 to 1 every weekday!



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