11/4/2013 2:23 PM

  Monday in The Zone we were live from The Little Rock Touchdown Club thanks to our friends at Epoch Health. Today we were extra excited because the special guest speaker was the legendary Steve Sullivan. Before taking to the podium we sit down with Sully for an exclusive Zone interview.

 Once Sully take to the podium we carry his entire speech live. Some of the highlights that you can hear in this segment include some reminiscing about working with Paul Eells and Sully tells us about how he got into television after an “F” bomb made it onto the radio.

 During our Jim’s Razorback Pizza Report we make sure there are no sharp objects around before discussing the loss to Auburn. In this segment we also “get defensive” with Matt Harris.

 The UCA Bears also lost Saturday but the Henderson State Reddies fortunately have had better luck. On to talk with us about them was Phil Elson. We also get into some NFL talk in this segment.

 Coming up Tuesday, Justin will be back in studio and we will be joined by Chris “Sugar” Kane. As always, we thank you for listening to The Zone with Justin Acri weekdays from 10 to 1!


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