Gameballs and Jockstraps & Lee vs. Burnett

11/2/2009 12:58 PM

Today's Gameballs to the Hogs for a weekend victory.  Jockstrap to the Phillies for their decision making ability in last night's game against the Yankees.

Thanks to Clint Stoerner for his Monday Morning QB segment and breaking down the Hogs.  He was very impressed with Joe Adams' return and considers him Mallet's top playmaker.

Also, thanks to Krazy Mike for bringing up some gumbo and wings!!!

Come out to Grumpy's tonight with Pat and Justin for MNF Saints vs Falcons.  25 cent wings and $ 9 domestic buckets.

Tonight's big matchup pits Benton's Cliff lee vs North Little Rock's AJ Burnett in Game 5 of the Phillies and Yankees Fall Classic.  Yankees lead the series 3-1

Video of the day comes from our friends at Barstool Sports.  This is a vicious, tear-enducing, helmet-to-helmet hit in Pop Warner football.  I feel sorry for the victim, but dang dude...nice hit.


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