11/11/2013 2:06 PM

   Monday in The Zone we were live from The Little Rock Touchdown Club thanks to our friends at Epoch Health. We get a double dose of guests today. First up we talk Ike Forte for an exclusive Zone interview before he takes the podium. Ike is from Texarkana and played for the Hogs before being drafted to the NFL in 1976 for the New England Patriots. He later went to also play for the Washington R**Skins and the New York Giants.

 Next up we talk to the to the other guest speaker for the day. Roland Sales also joins us in The Zone before taking to the podium. Roland set a record while playing for the Razorbacks during the 1978 Orange Bowl for rushing that wasn’t broken until 1998.

 The Battle of the Ravine is coming up on Saturday. On with us to talk about this rivalry was the Head Coach from Ouachita University Todd Knight.

 Tonight the UALR Trojans have their season opener at home to take on North Florida at the Jack Stephens Center. On with us to preview the game was our main man “Big” Joe Kleine. Tonight Veterans and Military get in free and you can hear the game on The Buzz at with tip-off at 7pm.

 That Richie Incognito idiot is still in the news. Now we hear his side of the story in an interview with Fox Sports. We hear the clips and get Justin’s take in this segment.

 In this segment we talk some more about Incognito. We hear from some callers who give us their take on the situation.

 Tuesday we are back in studio. We will find out how the Trojan’s did on their opening night and recap Monday Night Football. As always we thank you for listening to The Zone with Justin Acri weekdays from 10 to 1!


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