12/9/2013 2:00 PM

 Monday in The Zone we return after an icy weekend. One of the topics on the show today was the coaching situation at ASU. We discuss Bryan Harsin and his potential departure.

 We also get into some Heisman and BCS talk. Joining us on the Stickyz hotline was a vacationing Wally Hally. It’s like the old saying goes…”A Wally on the phone is better than no Wally at all”. I think that’s the saying anyways.

  Phil Elson was in studio with us today so we get into some MLB talk. Calling in to get in on the conversation was The Sunday Buzz’s William Vickery, Jr.

 Our Jim’s Razorback Report may be the shortest one we have had thus far. Basically we just discuss the Hog win over the weekend against Clemson.

 Most of the kids around here are off school today because of the ice left on the roads. In the Zone Segment of the Day we hear a panicky phone call from Justin’s oldest son who has locked himself inside by accident. This voicemail immediately reminds us of Clark Griswold locking himself in the attic in Christmas Vacation.

 Also joining us on the show to talk some College Football was Barrett Sallee. Barrett is with Bleacher Report and we usually talk with him on Wednesdays but due to a scheduling conflict he joins us today and we are happy for that.

 Coming up Tuesday we are live for the 2013 Broyles Award. We will be joined by Ernie Murray, from Sporting Life Arkansas Jim Harris and will have the Tropical Smoothie Café’s Average Guy Movie Review. As always, we thank you for listening to The Zone from 10 to 1 with Justin Acri!


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