12/12/2013 2:03 PM

 Thursday in The Zone we go straight to the source for the ASU coaching situation. Joining us on The Stickyz hotline was Arkansas State University Athletic Director Terry Mohajir. He spends a good 20 minutes with us and we also get a chance to suggest that they hire a new coach every year since it has proven to be a winning formula.

 Next we are joined in person by 2011 Arkansas Hall of Fame Inductee Gary Adams. For the younger listeners who may not know Gary, he played Razorback football from 1966 to 68. He helped the Hogs to a share of the 1968 Southwest Conference championship and proved to be a valuable player in the defensive secondary. After his college career he went on to be drafted to the Philadelphia Eagles but today joins us in The Zone.

 In today’s Jim’s Razorback Pizza Report we preview tonight’s game. The Razorbacks take on Savannah State at home in Fayetteville tonight and you can catch the game on The Buzz.

 Joining us from ESPN.com was blogger Edward Aschoff. We preview the bowl games with Edward and talk about Arkansas’s future.

 In a special Top Ten today we check out the most annoying Christmas songs of all time. Some of the songs include a grandmother being killed by a reindeer and one that will make you want to drive into oncoming traffic to make it stop.

 Friday we are live at Stratton’s Market. As always, we thank you for listening to The Zone from 10 to 1 with Justin Acri!


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