12/20/2013 1:52 PM

  It’s Friday in The Zone and Justin’s last day before he heads off to enjoy Christmas vacation with the Acri crew. Don’t worry because he will be back and we had some big news to announce today. Last night was Christmas Karoke and if you missed the event here is our recap. The biggest news related to The Zone is that former co-host Pat Bradley will be returning on Feb. 5th! That’s right, you asked for it and we deliver. The Shooter will be back with us soon!

 Pat is back but at UCA we found out this week that Coach Conque is out. On with us to talk about his departure as head coach and his future at Stephen F. Austin was Clint Conque.

 From the Pryor Center for Oral and Visual Arts we are joined in studio by Randy Dixon. He brings with him some classic Razorback audio we check out. In this segment we also talk to current Razorback basketball coach Mike Anderson about tomorrows game at Verizon Arena in Little Rock.

 In our Zone Rewind we look back at the best interview and show moments from the week. This week we hear from Lebron James and a ranting Barry Hinson.

 We will be back Monday with special holiday guest hosts PigSkin and William Vickery Jr. We hope you have a safe weekend and thanks for listening to The Zone weekdays from 10 to 1 with Justin Acri (and soon Pat Bradley)!


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