12/31/2013 2:25 PM

 Tuesday in The Zone we look forward to the new year by continuing are look back at 2013. Before we get into that we do mention a heartbreaking story out of the Little Rock Zoo. Yesterday a giraffe that went by the name “Jigsaw” was brutally murdered by a fellow giraffe in a terrible neck fight. In this segment we discuss and pay our respects to the late great Jigsaw.

 Now on to our look back. First up we hear the greatest phone call of the year. In this segment we look back at the epic battle between one “Tiger Bait” and an angry caller named Ira. Ira passed away later on in the year but we will always have this fantastic piece of radio gold to remember him by.

 Up next we hear from Comedian Jim Gaffigan. He was headed to Little Rock for his first show in the state and Justin asks him about the unique voice he uses in his act.

 We also talked to some other celebrities this year. Both of these guys were on a show on ABC called Splash. We talk to comedian Louie Anderson and then the biggest celeb we have had yet with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

 We continue our look back with a Top Ten from David Letterman. In this segment we hear from Kevin Ware who had a horrific bone breaking over the Easter weekend.

 In from Tropical Smoothie is our friend Jason Alley. He stops by to let us try the new coconut/curry wrap and tell us his review of Anchorman 2.

 This year was also a big year for Jason Collins. He announced to the world his sexual preference and that story dominated the news for a few days. It received attention from both Charles Barkley and sitting President Obama.

 Finally we wrap up the show with the fantastic Charles Ramsey. He tells us what you can expect if you ever see a “white girl run into a black man’s arms.” In his immortal words it is a “DEAD GIVEAWAY!”

 Have a safe New Year’s Eve and we will be back in studio Thursday to continue our look back at 2013 as we barrel right into 2014. As always, thanks for listening to The Zone from 10 to 1 with Justin Acri!


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