Are you kidding me central Arkansas?

11/5/2009 11:01 AM

The trolley system is losing an average of over $700,000 a year over its first five years and the system continues to run?  Are you kidding me?  The really great thing is that it is actually losing (accroding a a report on Thursday in the Dem-Zette) more money year by year including well over $800,000 last year alone!  In the report the money pit was actually spun positive!  Amazing!  This is a system that was largely ignored when the trolleys rolled on wheels so the cities and county came up with the "well, we'll put it on rails.  That will get people to ride!" idea.  Ride?  Wrong.  For every dollar a rider spends on trolley trip, the system costs taxpayers $4.50!  Are you kidding me?  Enough is enough people.  Please call your city board member or the PUCO Judge Buddy Villines and make them aware you are not happy seeing your money thrown away on a ludicrous idea that was destined to FAIL!  The worst of it is, the $29 million dollar investment has little in the way of assets.  Anybody want to buy some SLIGHTLY used rails that have been pried from the pavement?  This is the most non-sensical thing done in this area since leaders years ago said "Thanks, but no thanks" to a little company called Fed-Ex.  Voters, it is time to be heard.  Tune in Friday for Slim Chickens Weekly Pickens and Pat Bradley live in Fayetteville with some special guests.


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