Terrific Tuesday with one of the great cussers of ALL TIME

11/10/2009 1:38 PM

Thanks to Susie Essman for coming in The Zone on Tuesday.  She is better known as Susie Green from Curb Your Enthusiasm

 which is the brain child of Larry David.  If you haven't seen her in action...click here (warning-very adult language).  If you missed the interview with Susie on The Zone...click here.  She has a new book out that she talks about that if you go by the excerpts will be a GREAT READ.  I think her advice will be hard to hear, but very useful.  Also had Chris Kramolis in from Tropical Smoothie Cafe and we talked about the new movie Men Who Stare at Goats.  He liked it despite some other media outlets that found it senseless.  I trust Chris.  Read that and all of his average guy reviews on the main page of the blog.  Also had Todd Scholl in from the Peabody Hotel.  Forbes Travel just awarded the hotel with the very pretigious four star honor!  Congrats you protectors of the duck.  We will be on location twice this week.  Thursday at Arkansas Car Stereo on S. University and at America's Car Mart driving easy on Friday.  Come see us at one or better yet...both!




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