3/4/2014 1:44 PM

  Tuesday in The Zone we had a busy show with some great guests.  First up we talked to former NFL safety Darren Woodson. He played his entire career for the Dallas Cowboys so we get his take on the current team. We also ask Darren his take on the whole “N” word issue and the 15 yard penalty.

 Next up, we talk to long distance runner Leah Thorvilson. She won her 5th Little Rock Marathon over the weekend and is the current Director of Athletic Development at UALR.

 From ASU we talk to Athletic Director Terry Mohajir. We talk about football and the upcoming schedule. We also talk about the Sun Belt AD’s and find out who is the most big and bad.

 From Sporting Life Arkansas we talk to Jim Harris. We get his insight on Wednesdays game at home against Ole Miss.

 In our Tuesday Top Ten we countdown some interesting Oscar facts.

 Coming up Wednesday we will be joined by Wally Hall thanks to Deltic Timber. We will find out what is new with Sync Weekly with Nate Olson and also talk to Barrett Sallee from Bleacher Report. As always, we thank you for listening to The Zone from 10 to 1 with Justin Acri and Pat Bradley.



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