3/13/2014 1:57 PM

 The Zone is on the road today and Friday in more ways than one. Our illustrious leader Justin is down in good ol’ New Orleans to cover the Sun Belt Men’s Conference Tournament. Pat is in Atlanta, Georgia providing us with all of the breaking news from the SEC Men’s Basketball Tournament and it is all brought to us by First Security Bank.

 The UALR Trojans take on Troy tonight in New Orleans. Sitting down with Justin and basking in his musk was Coach Steve Shields to tell us about today’s game.

 We also talk to Coach Sam Weaver in this next segment. He wanted to remind us that Philander Smith was just in New Orleans as well and wanted to remind everyone that they have already qualified for the National Tournament.  

 Down in the ATL with the “Shoota” was our buddy Robbie Neiswanger from The Arkansas News Bureau. In this segment we also get Pat’s three’s for today's Hog game but the whole segment starts off with a call from a guy named Shane who just confuses the Hades out of all of us.

 In this segment we break down all of the tournaments and possible outcomes.

 Of course, the ponies are a runnin’ at Oaklawn today. Our man, Jeff “Money” Taylor joins us to give us his picks for today at the races.

 Coming up Friday we will continue our coverage and be joined by Wally Hall down in ATL with Pat. As always, we thank you for listening to The Zone from 10 to 1 with Justin and Pat!


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