5/20/2014 2:19 PM

 We had an abbreviated show Tuesday in The Zone. We had to switch over to Diamond Hog Baseball but we got some action in before that. We talked the NBA playoffs in this segment and hear Ginobili “put a cherry on top of a pie”.

 Tuesdays we talk to Jim Harris from Sporting Life Arkansas. This week we discuss the newly released SEC schedule and the Hogs’ run for a national golf title.

 Our buddy Don Dugan was in studio today. He is in because of a new rule that let’s retailers fill beer growlers to take with them.

 We also have a fella from the Alcohol Board of Control in studio. He gives us all the ins and outs of the new rule. To the right you can see a profesional artist rendering of what a growler of beer looks like.

 Singer/songwriter Blane Howard called in on the Stickyz hotline. He was on to tell us what he's been up to and where we can see himperforming this week.

 We will be back live Wednesday with Wally Hall presented by Deltic Timber. As always, we thank you for listening to the #1 rated Zone from 10 to 1 with Justin Acri and Pat Bradley!


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