8/12/2014 2:40 PM

 It was a somber Tuesday in The Zone. Everyone knows by now of the passing of Robin Williams. He was loved by many, whether it was for his stand-up or his acting the man touched the hearts of many. He clearly had an impact on many of the listeners as well as they call in this segment to share their thoughts. We also get a bit of a spiritual talk from Chopper.

 The nature of how Williams was found dead is defiantly disturbing and sad. Without repeating the details we focus on what must have led to his death and how to prevent it. Joining us in studio to talk about suicide prevention was Rebecca Ward who is an LCSW (License Clinical Social Worker). We also take some calls from folks who have questions for Dr. Ward.

 We did try to lighten things up a bit. The Big Brothers Big Sisters have a fundraising Roast and Toast coming up. Pat will be there and the guest of honor will be Nolan Richardson. Sounds fun.

 The highlight of every Tuesday is of course Jim Harris. He is with us thanks to our good friends at Sporting Life Arkansas.

 Hopefully we will all be back tomorrow. As always, Justin and Pat thank you for listening to The Zone from 10 to 1!


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