Plant Outlet annual sale is COOLIO!

11/20/2009 2:51 PM

We knew we were in for a treat with a trip to Conway and the annual sale at the Plant Outlet.  In addition we had Slim Chickens deliver lunch in conjunction with our Slim Chickens Weekly Pickens (Pigskin Preacher is ROLLING in case you care).  We also knew that Coolio (yes that guy)

would call in and talk about his cook book that he has out (a must buy), but we didn't know how funny the dude would be.   Pretty much the best interview of all time.  Please listen if you have a chance.

This is a busy weekend.  Join us for the Buzz/First Security Bank Ultimate Tailgate Party at War Memorial starting at 8am.  Pregame on The Buzz starts at 8:30 and the Big Red Fifth Quarter will be on right after the show.  Join Pat Bradley after the game at Cajun's for the official Buzz postgame party!  Have a great weekend and we will be talking turkey Monday!


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