Les Miles...what took you so long?

11/24/2009 6:15 AM

If you missed the end of the Ole Miss-LSU game...you missed Les Miles at his finest.  After the game he said he didn't know who called for a spike on the final play that ended any chance of the Tigers getting a win...but this video is pretty clear on who is responsible.  Come on Les.  Tuesday in The Zone we will hear from the LSU play-by-play announcer Jim Hawthorne and I would bet the final play issue will come up.

Arkansas of course plays against LSU this week in Baton Rouge for presumably a trip the Cotton Bowl.  A loss probably puts the Hogs in Memphis on Jan. 2.  Not a bad consolation for fans who want to see the postseason appearance in person.

BIG GAMEBALL to all who turned out for Turkey Bowl VII at Professor Bowl West or gave money or food at USA Drug locations around central Arkanasas.  A great time had by all, except the grouchy old man who yelled at Justin for being too loud.  Lighten up Francis. 


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