Hogs barely lose in football, basketball team and Tiger Woods in trouble

11/30/2009 1:21 PM

A 33-30 overtime loss in football to LSU in Baton Rouge is not embarrassing, but certainly disappointing.  Arkansas looks poised to play in a shootout with the winner of Conference USA in the Liberty Bowl, but there is a chance that the Hogs could sneak into the Cotton Bowl if the folks in Dallas decide not to have the Rebels back for the second straight year.  Either way they will be playing on Jan. 2 which is a step in the right direction after a year at home in the postseason.

In basketball, Pelphrey and company suffered through losses to Morgan St. , E. Tennessee St and S. Alabama.  All in a row.  All at home.  The mixing and matching of players because of injuries and suspensions has made things difficult from a continuity and chemistry standpoint.  The easy thing to do is to let the players run the show and do what they want.  The hard thing to do is to discipline guys who refuse to do things the right way and hold them accountable for their mistakes.  It will be a frustrating year for Hog fans, but Pelphrey is doing things the right way for the overall health of the program.  The future is bright from a recruiting standpoint, but if Arkansas doesn't produce a significant amount of wins in 2010-2011, expect a change.  Pelphrey walked into a difficult situation that has become more so.  Good luck to Coach Pelphrey. 

Needless to say that regardless of how your Thanksgiving went, it was better than Tiger Woods' holiday.  He is taking a lot of heat for an unexplained incident outside his home.  Unfortunately for him, his personal life has become fodder for radio shows, national media members and talk show hosts like Wanda Sykes...check out her take on the incident here.




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