Hog Football changes and more Tiger Troubles

12/15/2009 12:35 PM

It's official...Paul Petrino is headed to Illinois for the OC job and Hog QB Coach Garrick McGee was promoted to Arkansas' OC position.  What does that mean for next year's Hog's offense?

Jim Harris from Arkansassports360.com joined us in The Zone to talk about Hog football recruiting and bball.  Ron Ron from Sportsoverload.com called in to drop some Fantasy Football knowledge.

Congrats to UCA's Megan Herbert for her 8 double doubles in her first 8 college games!!!  Yes, she's a freshman.  And Ouchita Baptist will be the first college in Arkansas to have a wrestling program.

And, of course, more Tiger talk.  We all have probably heard enough but we just have to know more.  His caddie, Steve Williams claims he never saw Tiger do anything inappropriate.  Hmmmm...


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