Gameballs and Jockstraps!!!

12/28/2009 1:04 PM

Is it possible to give Florida Coach Urban Meyer a Gameball and Jockstrap??  Saying he's leaving coaching for health reasons and to spend more time with his family is fine, but then he backpedaled on his decision to leave.  Knee jerk reaction...helps no one.

Huge, gigantic, smelly Jockstrap to Colts Coach Jim Caldwell for throwing the game vs. the Jets by pulling his starters to rest them?  To not get them hurt?  To get his second unit playing time?  How about to RUIN their chances for a perfect 16-0 record in the NFL regular season!!!  Only accomplished by two teams in history and the opportunity to go 19-0 with a Superbowl win for the FIRST time in NFL history!!!  At least Peyton Manning didn't cause a problem and criticize his coach for the decision.

Forbes named the Arkansas Razorbacks' football program the 17th most valuable college football program with the team value at $56 million and profit at $20 million.  Texas ranked number one in the country with the team value at $119 million and profit at $59 million for last season.

Come out to Grumpy's tonight and join Pat for 25 cent wings and $9 buckets during the MNF clash between the Vikings and Bears.  Be there at 7 pm!


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