Gameballs and Jockstraps

2/1/2010 12:36 PM

Biggest Gameball of the year goes to the Razorback bball team for their road win at Oxford against Ole Miss.  Back to back SEC wins, first road win in a couple years and more importantly a legit chance to compete for an NCAA appearance.  I know, I know, it's a long season but there are tons of positives.

Big stinky Jockstrap to the winers on the PGA Tour who are complaining that Phil Mickelson is cheating because he's using a "Granfathered" in wedge.  Stop complaining and get your own illegal club!

Gameball to Herschel Walker for winning his first MMA debut>  Beating some dude down 20 years younger than him.

Tomorrow you can win tix to UALR vs ASU this Thursday night and Arkansas vs Auburn on Saturday playing PRESS YOUR LUCK!!!  Call in and play...

Sign up for the big Memphis trip withThe Zone.  Grizzlies vs. Lakers February 23-24 then off to Tunica for the night!!!  Sign up at 501-TOURBUS.... 


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