Final Voting Matchups of the First Round Winter Hotties Vs Summer Hotties

2/16/2010 9:26 AM

And let the games continue!!!  Call in 501-433-1037 or 800-877-1037 to give us your vote.  Here's today's matchups:

#5 Natalie Coughlin from USA, 3x Gold 4x Silver 4x Bronze Swimmer


#12 Nancy Kerrigan from USA, Silver Bronze Figure Skating

#5 Tanith Belbin from USA, Silver Ice Dancing


#12 Lisa leslie from USA, 4x Gold Basketball

#6 Gabbie Reese from USA, Volleyball


#11 Anni Friesenger from Germany, 2x Gold 2x Bronze Speed Skater

#6 Katarina Witt from Germany, 2x Gold Figure Skater


#11 Taryne Mowatt from USA, Softball




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