Tuesday Nov. 18, 2008

11/19/2008 7:27 AM

Pat's dad Rich "The Truth" Bradley ended his week-long stay in the Rock and is heading back home to his lovely wife in Beantown.  What a great time we had with him while he was here.  You have been served notice that Pat may go crazy this weekend after having to be on his best behavior for that long a stretch.  We played "Pick your Dick" as Nathan entered the QB picture on the hill and will battle with Casey this week for the starting nod at Mississippi State.  This is all happening as the Hogs cling to their slim hopes of a bowl bid.  Also, UCA's Brent Grimes was named SLC player of the week for five rushing TD's and 219 total yards in a win over SFA Saturday.  The Bears play for the outright conference championship that won't be recognized by the Nazi Commie A-hole Association or the conference but will be by anyone with half a freaking brain.  GO BEARS!  Tonight Pat is at On the Rocks!  Go by and sing for a chance to win Metallica tickets. 


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