Today's Voting Winter Olympic Hotties Vs Summer Olympic

2/18/2010 10:21 AM

And let the games continue!!!  Call in 501-433-1037 or 800-877-1037 to give us your vote.  Here's today's matchups:

#2 Julia Mancuso from USA, Gold Giant Slalom


#10 Shawn Johnson from USA, Gold 3x Silver Gymnastics

#7 Lolo Jones from USA, 100 M Hurdles


#8 Amanda Beard from USA, 2x Gold 4x Silver 1 bronze Swimmer

Amanda Beard


  Jeff Taylor's picks for today. In race #1, we have the 6 horse, TWINKLE TERRI. In race # 2, it's the 8 horse, TIDAL POOL. In the feature, the # 4 horse, EARLY RETURN and the longshot is in the 7th race, #3 WRIGLEY IVY.


Bobby Adams (2/18/2010 12:25 PM)

Shawn Johnson and Amanda Beard

Bret Baker (2/18/2010 6:48 PM)

I vote for Lolo Jones and Shawn Johnson. And by the way, I do'nt care if Tiger cheats on his wife as long as he does'nt cheat on his golf game.

Bobby Adams (2/19/2010 12:15 PM)

Shawn Johnson and Amanda Beard

Robbie Boy (4/9/2010 8:22 PM)

Shawn Johnson and Lolo Jones. Gotta go with the Iowans!

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