Monday Gameballs and Jockstraps

3/1/2010 12:39 PM

Gameball to the Winter Olympics.  Overall the United States  led in medal count 37 but Canada led the way with 14 Gold medals including an overtime game vs the US on Sunday.

Tough loss for the Hog basketball team on Saturday against Vandy.  Going into the last week of the season are you satisfied with we're they're at?

Thanks to our friends at Ch. 7, Beth and Barry for visiting us in The Zone for a few minutes.

Ken Jeong from The Hangover joined us in The Zone.  Check out his interview, click here.

Also, the SunBelt BBall tourney in Hot springs is set!!!  Check out the Men's and Wmen's matchups at


John Guerra (4/5/2010 4:12 PM)

I enjoy your show most of the time, but you really need to see something before you criticize it: Tyler Perry movies. Before labeling them "chick flicks," watch one. I've only seen a couple, but he's not dressed as an old woman in all of them and the ones I've seen are not only funny, but have a very good moral message: keeping your marriage pure, forgiveness, the destructive effect of drugs and alcohol, etc. So, see one of the shows and then give us your opinion. I think you'll like them, they're funny, like you guys. thanks.

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