Urban Meyer's mad...but why?

3/25/2010 1:47 PM

Acri's back so guess who was hogging all the airtime today?  Urban Meyer of course!  Dude got MAD at a reporter from the Orlando Sentinel for...get this... ACCURATELY quoting a Gator receiver.  Check out the rampage here.  Jeremy Folwer may or may not have done the right thing in his story.  Meyer for sure didn't do the right thing in resopnse.  Thanks to

Laura McKeeman from gatorcountry.com for coming on to explain what went down.




Thanks to all of you who came to try to beat Pat in a game of G-A-S at Doublebees in Cabot!  Pat threw a few, won a couple and straight up lost one.  All who played walked away with some Doublebees Bucks!

NCAA games continue today on the Buzz.  You can email your upset pick and by how much you think they will win for tonight's games by 6pm to thezone@1037thebuzz.com

Tomorrow come see us in Sherwood at Twin City Tractor/Fiser Kubota!



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