Master's, Arkansas Derby and Gameballs and Jockstraps

4/12/2010 2:55 PM

Justin was out today for some business but The Zone rolled on.

The best weekend in sports????  Maybe for Arkansas....we saw the Apple Blossom bring almost 45,000 to Oaklawn on Friday and the Arkansas Derby host over 60,000.  And the Master's tourney didn't disappoint.  There's always a story....always a hero and villain.

Gameball to Zenyatta for not disappointing anyone and smoking everyone in her path.  The filly won by four lengths and smiled for the camera afterwards.

Gameball to Line of David for his Derby victory on Saturday despite the 17-1 odds.  Nice little payday if you picked that winner.

We obviously got into the Phil Mickelson's emotional victory at The Master's for most of the day.  His wife, Amy, was on hand to celebrate.  We had lots of emails, live fan feedback and calls asking for the end of Tiger bashing.  He finished 4th and can hopefully continue to work on his life off the course.

Tune in tomorrow for The Wheel of Wonder.  Jim Harris from will be in studio and Chris Kramolis from Tropical Smoothie Cafe will stop by for his Average Guy Movie Review of Date Night.


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