Would You Rather Wednesday is Back!!!!

4/14/2010 3:06 PM

Would You Rather be an ugly Superhero or an amazingly handsom normal dude?  Most guys said........superhero.  Just goes to show the incredibly inflated egos we deal with in The Zone every day.  Most of them think they're all ready handsome.

Thanks to Travs play-by-play man Phil "The Mic" Elson for hanging in The Zone and keeping us up to speed on the beginning of the season.

Big Ben Roethlisberger was the topic of discussion for many listeners today coming off his meeting with NFL Commish Roger Goodell.

We also talked about the Jerry Jones incident in a piano bar where he threw Parcells and Tebow under the bus.  Safe to say the Cowboys won't be drafting Tebow.

Ch. 7's Holly Sonders dropped in for some birthday trivia and announced that Ch. 7 will be airing The Real Deal In The Rock's feature game with the Arkansas Wings at 7 pm.  Holly will be working the sidelines and Sully and Dale Nicholson III are calling the game.  They're broadcasting the championship game live on Sunday.

Acri was out again today blowing off some steam and Roger "skat daddy" Scott filled in.

Tomorrow Website of The Week and Clint Stoerner!!!


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