Live from Plant Outlet in Conway!!!

4/23/2010 12:26 PM

Thants to Brett battle and the folks at The Plant Outlet in Conway on 827 Hogan Lane for hosting the guys from The Zone today.  They have everything you need for nursery and landscaping.  Call them at 501-513-0080.

NBA playoffs getting interesting as the young Bulls and Thunder beat the favored Cavs and Lakers.  Trouble????  I know this, if the Cavs don't win it this year Lebron is gone!!!  Shag Daddy is old and Big Z is slower than ever.  Their offense, which is called "let lebron penetrate" will hurt them.

If you want a couple things for Lakers fans to worry about, here they are: 1. Kobe shot zero free throws 2. Sub James Harden of OKC outscored Lakers entire bench.

NFL Draft first round came and went.  Bradford #1, Suh #2, no Big Ben trade.  Congrats to Tim Tebow going to Denver in first round.

Peyton Hillis was in The Zone today talking NFL Draft and about his recent trade to the Cleveland Browns. To listen click here

Come out tonight and hang with Pat and Roger at Denton's Trotline in Benton exit 118 Congo Rd.  All night baby!!!!!!  Thanks Ma and Pops Denton


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