Freaky Clip of The Week Racing Expert Randy Moss and Travs NO NO

4/30/2010 12:32 PM

End of the week Gameball to Travs pitcher Ryan Brasier for throwing a no hitter against Tulsa last night at Dicket Stephens Park!

Randy Moss joined us in The Zone!  Click here to listen.  He's at NFL network in 2008 and covers horse racing for ESPN and ABC Sports, and also has previously appeared on racing telecasts for CBS Sports.

Moss, 48, switched to TV 10 years ago after covering the sport as a newspaper reporter, columnist and handicapper for two decades with the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Dallas Morning News, Arkansas Democrat and Arkansas Gazette. As a newspaperman, he covered 19 runnings of the Kentucky Derby

Lauren from Sync Weekly dropped in to talk about what's going on this weekend around the state.  Pick up the latest edition if you missed her on the show.

Renee Shapiro from Ch. 7 was also in studio talking summer movies.  Yes, she finally made it in with the boys.  She set them straight and slapped Justin silly......again.

Freaky Clip of The Week today.  Could be the greatest of all time!!!



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