The greatest catcher of all time came in today!

5/6/2010 1:07 PM

Johnny Bench, the greatest catcher of all time, In THE ZONE!
Thanks to the Arkansas Surgical Hospital for bringing in #5 for their 5th anniversary!  He came in studio and hung out for about 20 minutes to the joy of Justin, Joe and friends.  He talked about a number of things including his Hall of Fame induction, current catchers he likes and why he is a FAN of performance enhancing least some of them.  What a special day for all of us.  Pat picked a bad day to head to Vegas!
Thanks also to Lauren Clark from Sync and Jeff Hankins of Arkansas Business/Arkansas Sports 360 for coming in as well. 
Big pat on the back to Kevin Haynie who isn't a radio pro, per se, but is better than most of the hired help around this place on the air.  He and Mr. Meaner are performing a "one time only comeback show" at Juanitas on Saturday night.  Justin and many more will be there and you should too.  Probably get rolling around 9pm.
We will see you at the Paul Eells Scholarship Tourney on Friday at Greystone.  Can't wait to rack the Paul's calls for all the fans!



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