Paul Eells and Big Brothers

5/10/2010 6:50 PM

Friday we want to thank all who supported and came out for the Paul Eells Charity Classic.  We had a blast at Greystone and had a chance to meet the four students who received the scholarships that are funded by the tournament in honor of a man we all knew and loved. 

Monday we stayed on the golf tourney trail at the Boys and Girls Clubs Celebrity Classic.  The "celebrity" portion of the event unfortunately wasn't Justin and Joe (Pat was ending his trip to Vegas), but was Arkansas men's Basketball Coach John Pelphrey!

This is Coach Pel pointing out who the hack golfers are on Monday at Maumelle CC!

We had a chance to talk to him about what he has coming back, his hopes for the rest of the 2010 class and why he may have made better use of his 6'7" frame on the diamond.

On Tuesday we will be live from Dickey-Stephens Park for Pat's triumphant return for screaming kids day and a preview of the Razorbacks sold out trip to central Arkansas to take on LA Tech!  Tune into The Zone 10am-1pm and get ready to roll!!!!





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