The Lebron Issue

5/13/2010 4:05 PM

Today in The Zone we worked our way through


"the Lebron issue".

The general consensus is that too much is being made out of one game...albeit a game in which he failed mightily and didn't put up much of a fight as he and his lambs were being taken out for slaughter.  However, one great game isn't a run and one terrible game aint a slump. 

Lebron James is one of the most physically impressive specimens ever to walk this earth and he has had and will have more than his share of moments over the years.  While it is too soon to annoint him as the greatest ever, it is a title well within reach.  He does and is expected to play much better in front of a hostile Boston crowd tonight.  Will the former member of the St.-Vincent-St. Mary Irish hoops team have the luck of the shamrock on his side or will it be the Celts who again have the Irish Spring in their step?  We will all find out and admit it, you will be surprised if James doesn't play very well.

This reminds me of when I was at the head of my class as a kid and it was all so fun and easy.  When the going got tough as I got into calculus I wasn't quite sure what the hell to do and that was the look that Lebron had on his face Monday night.  James is going to have to figure out how to solve for X soon, or this dude is going to be an X-Cavalier (which may happen anyway).  This is a guy who achieved at the very highest level from the moment he walked on an NBA floor as a kid.  You look at that roster he led to the finals.  Impossible.  Jordan couldn't get Dave Corzine and Granville Waiters to the Championship round.  That isn't a knock on Air Mike-just the reality of an almost impossible situation. There is more to this game than just hitting shots or just getting your teammates involved.  James seems to understand better than most who can almost get by on physical talent alone.  What he seems slow to grasp is the need to grasp.  He will not be given, he will have to take.  The odds may be long, but Tony Montana kept firing at the onslaught of gun-toting no-gooders at the end of Scarface anyway.  You may be showing up to a gunfight with a butterknife some nights, but you have to at least spread a little Parkay on your way to a loss.

The Cavs front office isn't without blood on it's hands if the Boston Mafia closes out its St. Valentines Day Massacre tonight at The Garden or whatever the Celts play in now.  I miss Boston Garden but that is beside the point.  Mike Brown looks clueless and the Cavs offense looks like it is being coached by James Naismith at times.  That should have been addressed BEFORE the season.  Yes Danny Ferry added some pieces (including at least one overweight, transition-slowing item in Shaq) in the offseason in the hope of putting the Cavs over the top, but they have yet to find a Pippen to truly complement Lebron in his Jordan role.  In spite of all that, James may be able to get his team to the Eastern Finals again.  The Orlando Magic would be likely to create problems for the Cavs again and advance to face the winner from the west.  The bottom line is, and you know I LOVE the bottom line, check yourself you over-reactionary NBA fans.  James' career will not be judged on this series alone whether he plays great and the Cavs win a title or he flops again and the Celts advance.






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