Tuesday Dec. 9, 2008

12/10/2008 9:25 AM

We did the show live at the 13th annual Broyles Awards at the Doubletree Hotel.  Great fun as we visited with the five finalists before the luncheon began.  Really interesting group that includes two guys with ties to Arkansas.  Dick Bumpas (TCU D-Coordinator) is a former great at the U of A and Charlie Strong (U of F D-Coordinator) is a Batesville native and former UCA Bear.  The Mr. Congeniality award goes to 62-year old Stan Parrish who is quite the QB guru and is the offensive coordinator at 12-1 Ball State.  Great excitement and passion for a game that for him has clearly has not lost the fun.  In the end, Oklahoma offensive coordinator Kevin Wilson got the nod.  No problem from our perspective.  The guy's offense set a record with more than 700 points scored and five straight games with 60 points or more.  Of course some people think Oklahoma shouldn't even be in the title game against Florida.  Some people think Texas should be there instead since the Horns beat the Sooners head-to-head on a neutral field.  Of course some people also think that salty boogers taste good.  I'm just sayin.



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