5/19/2010 11:02 AM

Huge thanks to Jockey Randy Romero for coming into The Zone to share his life story and talk about his new book Randy Romero's Remarkable Ride.  This is a classic interview!!!  Trust me on this he's the best.  For the unedited version click here.

Last night's Celtics win over the Magic may have been a surprise to some.....Justin, not Pat.  The way head official Joe Derosa handled a taunting fan was a surprise to everyone.  Derosa threw the game ball at a fan at halftime!  Why you ask???  Just click here to see it.

The NBA Draft Lottery was last night and the Washington Wizards one the #1 pick in the upcoming draft.  That sparked a heated debate over whether the consensus #1 pick, John wall out of Kentucky will want to play with criminal and $100 million man Gilbert "Agent Zero" Arena.  Don't bring your guns to town, Gilbert, don't bring your guns to town.

Clevelanders are making all sorts of pitches to try and keep Lebron in the....ahem..... great city of Cleveland but maybe they went to far with this little video.  Click it.

Thanks to Chris Bahn from for joining us in The Zone and helping everyone make sense of the Hog baseball team's recent slump.  He says stay positive so by gosh I WILL!!!!!!!


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