5/28/2010 7:15 PM

Thanks  to all the folks from First Security Bank!!!  They broke out the Teal Grill and fed half the city.  Great day to be in the Rivermarket and kick off Riverfest.  Weather's great and music lineup is awesome!

Steve Gorman, drummer for the Black Crowes, called into The Zone today.  He has a sports website and podcast at  He talked plenty about his own athletic skills and his opinions on what's going on in the sporting world today.

The Black Crowes are playing at Riverfest on Saturday night so get out there and show some love.  Click here to listen to the interview.

The LA lakers were able to wiggle there way out of a loss last night.  Ron Artest picked up a Kobe airball with 2 seconds left and converted the layup at the buzzer to put cool off the sizzling Suns.  Now the Suns have to respond in Game 6 down 3 games to 2.

Boston Celtics vs Orlando Magic tonight!!!!  Gonna be another one said it would be easy, Doc.

Cosidering Justin's new found love affair with Brett Michaels, I don't think he'll appreciate this Fox News anchor calling his illness a hoax!


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