6/14/2010 12:41 PM

Great times at Chenal CC for the Access Cup golf tourney.  Gameballs and Jockstraps all day.  USA USA USA.......tied with England.  That's as good as a win, so they say.  As long as we don't lose I guess it's all good.  But if we never actually win then can we win the World Cup?  These are all questions for someone in the know and clearly that ain't us.  Although, here's a funny comparison from a soccer analyst about USA v England and Celts v Lakers.

The man the myth the legend John Pelphrey joined the boys in The Zone today.  Coach Pel was full of energy once again and talked everything from his team's improving chemistry and expectations to his new hire, former Florida point guard Brett Nelson.  We talked a lot of conference expansion and how that will affect bball programs.  He even touched a little on the World Cup, well, by a little I mean almost nothing.  We know he loves the USA and that's all that matters!  Coach Pel is the man for many reasons but most importantly he tolerated The Zone guys for 20 minutes.

Tough loss for the Hog baseball team last night.  I know many of you may be thinking, Tempe Tens...Tempe Tens.  But no I'm sure all the boys got a great night's sleep after BOTH 12 inning losses.  That's a tough way to go out but it happens to the best of em.  I gues we can focus all our attention on this new and developing story.  Something about conference expansion.  Man, haven't heard too much about so I bet no one really cares that much.

Whoever wants to see Vince Young punch some guy at a strip club check this out.  The guy gave an upside down hook em horns.  I thought he was upset Texas might be going to the PAC-10.


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