Wednesday Jan. 7, 2009

1/7/2009 2:10 PM

HUGE win for Arkansas last night over the Longhorns.  Always nice to knock off Texas and to think that is two wins over top 10 teams in a week is pretty impressive.  UCA also set a school record last night with 15 threes in a game.  Didn't make Sportscenter, but pretty nice.  Hope everyone had a great New Year's Day and hope you are ready for a great 2009!  Pat's motto is "Shine in '09".  Justin's is "Get fine in '09".  Justin has really let himself go.  As for the Freak...we are still waiting on an official motto, but we are pulling for "The world is mine in '09".  We finished the year in review today and our favorite story of the year came up again.  A woman and man caught for having sex in a bathroom stall in the Metrodome at an Iowa-Minnesota football game.  Also-one of the great clips of the year with Jim Boeheim taking out his frustrations on a mic after the Orangemen's loss to Cleveland St. in December.  Good stuff.  Join Pat tonight at Electric Cowboy as ring girls line up for a chance to strut their stuff.  He is at Mexico Chiquito tomorrow night from 5-7.


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