Welcome back....neckless...and footless?

7/6/2010 6:09 PM

I came back today and Pat continued his hiatus on the east coast after marrying off yet another of his Beantown mates.   The beach report goes like this-Destin is beautiful, the beaches are clean, the feds are patrolling the sand like a fly patrols dungpiles, Kelly Plantation remains as the best track in the Redneck Riviera (I missed an eagle on 10 but did hit a smooth 3 wood to 12 feet) and many Arkansans and former Carolina current Cleveland QB Jake Delhomme and his wife are super nice people.

They parked next to us on the beach the final day and even though it took me and my buddy Mike McFadden (of McFadden Cleaners in Lonoke and England fame) about an hour to realize who it was, he was as outwardly nice and agressively friendly as any person you'd care to meet on the beach.  They even left some beach toys, a raft and offered up a couple of cold ones to us as they rolled out for the day.   What a great family!

The show today consisted of NBA trade talk, World Cup Semi previews and a lot of love for 2010 Wimbledon champ Serena Williams


who is the most awesomest woman in sports and would be able to make even hacks like you the father of an athletic and super cool child.  She is working her way up the list of all-time grand slam champs.  Fantastic.

In the uh-oh moment of the day, AS 360's Jim Harris came on and expressed real concern over Ryan Mallett's surgically repaired foot which has had to be re-repaired. Is it re-repaired or is the first time "paired" and the second is "repaired".  Anyway.  This is an appendage that is the most worth keeping an eye on since that art dude who only had a left foot and painted his way onto the big screen in a movie a while back.

In the last hour Chris Kramolis came in with a review of Knight and Day.  Despite trying to hate Tom Cruise, he had to give him props for the effort. 

Tomorrow-Black Crowes drummer and sports genius

Steve Gorman of stevegormansports.com will join us to gloat about how he picked the Netherlands and Germany to win the World Cup before it began.  Dude is clowny.  Join us in the Zone for that AND fun and deals from Royal Windows and Siding on Wednesday!




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