7/22/2010 3:31 PM

SEC media days kicked off in Hoover, AL.  Of course the nation's eyes will be watching what goes on there for the next couple days because the last 100 college football champs have come from the SEC.  Nick Saban came right out of the box firing his pistol and addressing a concern that's sweeping through the SEC....players receiving improper benefits from agents.  Apparently, there was a party down in Miami not too long ago and there was a few student-athletes in attendance.  Problem isn't the party, it's how the players got there and if they got anything while they were there.  Bama, Georgia and S. Carolina all have been questioned.  Saban referred to agents as "pimps" trying to take advantage of his kids.  Well, it's a dirty business all the way around.

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Thanks to all the callers, emailers and LFFers for weighing in on today's show.  It has become clear to me that this year's biggest concern is the defense, according to most of out listeners.  Mallet's health seems to be fine so after the defense.....of course it's Special Teams.  More specifically....the kicker.  If I may be so bold and paraphrase Lou Duva in reference to any kicker, "to sum in up in two words....ya never know."


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