8/10/2010 11:20 PM

Lot going on in The Zone today despite being without my regulars Justin and Freaky Joe!  RJ Hawk from the Sunday Buzz hung out and Holly Sonders from Ch 7 made her triumphant return into The Zone!!!

Holly Sonders

The former Michigan St. golfer offered up some advice for Tiger...on the course that is.  Get you minds outta the gutter.

Congrats to Jerry Rice, Emmitt Smith and the rest of the NFL HOF inductees.  Emmitt's speech brought a tear to a lot of eyes, not mine, though.

NFL preseason kicked off Sunday night with the Cowboys v Bengals.  The TO and Ochocinco combo was out there but I couldn't really tell how they'd work together.  I'm sure Carson Palmer loves having those two beasts to throw to.  Gameball to MATT JONES for leading the team in receptions....I know it's preseason but ya gotta start somewhere.  Cowboys looked okay except on their first drive of the game when they passed 3 straight times from the goal line, then settling for a field goal.  great play calling, fellas.


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