Gork and Gold

8/18/2010 7:20 PM

Pat decided to take a week off...and man DID HE PICK A BAD WEEK!  What a lot of fun with Renee Gork (former reporter for an NWA radio station) getting fired for wearing a Florida hat to a Bobby Petrino media conference (among other things).  General consensus, she was wrong and maybe shouldn't have been fired but nobody seems to be crying over it.  Not even her.  She took to the national airwaves instead.  Crying never helps anyway.  We also were joined on air by Jim Harris and Chris Kramolis who liked Michael Douglas' new movie at the Market Street Solitary Man.  You can check out the review on our blog page later in the week.  Kramolis liked it. 

We were also joined by former UALR Trojan Shane Edwards who is trying to catch on with the Denver Nuggets after an excellent summer league run.  Check the interview with the man.

My theory-he starts for Carmelo next year.


On Wednesday after some verbal sparring between Bo Mattingly and national columnist (and former Zone guest) Clay Travis, we broke down their battle in our Zone Audiostrator segment with the help of LR City Board Member (and FOZ) Michael Keck.  I thought it was entertaining and I have to give Bo credit, he handled it better than I thought he did when I heard it live.  I hope people can use the segment to better resolve conflict and handle future debate.  Best part of the day (other than being visited by former Miss Arkansas Paula Swindle and friends) was our 20+ minute visit with Alabama play-by-play man Eli Gold who is always a treat.  We talked football, Nick Saban, hatgate (he isn't interested in that nonsense) and Arkansas. 

His best line though was about Nascar which he also covers.  You can check out his entire interview by clicking here.

Good stuff I thought.  Listen for him later in the year.  Tomorrow in The Zone we will be on the UCA campus for media day and take a look at the Bears.  Guests include, Coach Conque and staff members, AD Brad Teague, new head men's basketball coack Corliss Williamson and we are also scheduled to have former UCA star and now NFL tight end Marquez Branson 

who is working to get some playing time in Denver and is having a solid pre-season. 

Lots of fun to wrap up the week-so stay tuned to THE ZONE!!!


Beverly Casteel (9/27/2010 8:55 PM)

Tommy, Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family for a speedy recovery
Steve and Beverly Casteel

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