10/4/2010 1:29 PM

It was a fun sports weekend all across the board.  Although, the Americans suck and lost the Ryder Cup, we got to see Les Miles almost blow another game only to have Tennessee try to play defense on the last play of the game with 13 guys.  What a cluster.  If you wanna get a good laugh check out this article our frined Chris Bahn dug up by Clay Travis.  Gives a rundown on Les Miles luck....and boy does he have some.

Thanks to Clint Stoerner, our man in the know when it comes to the pigskin.  His take on the Texas A&M game is simple, their defense sucks and we're gonna kill them, fair enough.  Oh yeah, don't ever talk about Boise St. competing for a BCS National Championship considering their schedule with Clint or he might tear your head off.  I wanted to see him try that with Justin today.  No luck tho.

A huge gameball to the LR Central Tigers and first year Head Coach Scooter Register.  They beat Russellville over the weekend for their first win in 25 games....yeah it's been a rough stretch.  Coach Register broke down the game and his approach for getting the most storied high school football program in the country back on the winning track.

Come out tonight and hang with me at Grumpy's for MNF.  Patriots vs Dolphins with 25 cent wings and $9 domestic buckets!!!  We'll have plenty of giveaways


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