10/25/2010 2:44 PM

The Hogs knock off Houston and the Rebs after 90 minutes of weather delays Saturday in Fayetteville by 2 TD's.  In fact ALL the D-1 teams in the state had big wins this weekend.  It was a great weekend for former Hogs Peyton Hillis and Darren McFadden also as they led their teams to huge wins.

We are live in Dallas today and tomorrow to talk about the Rangers trip to the World Series, check out the Cowboys in person at Jerry's Palace 

as they try to stay in the hunt for the playoffs and to get a feel for Super Bowl preps in the metroplexwith or without the men in the blue stars.  Thanks to Primary Residential Molrtgage for sponsoring our coverage.  Call 225-LOAN and talk to Conan for all your statewide mortgage needs! 

Our first guest today was Stephen Jones, the COO of the 'Boys and son of Big Jer. 

 We talked about how he handles criticism of his team, got his thoughts on Felix Jones and how he feels watching his team play.  Check out the interview here.



We also spoke at length with Kevin Sherrington of the Dallas Morning News about the Rangers trip to the series.  As expected we focused a lot on their ace and Benton native Cliff Lee and the Rangers changes of keeping the big lefty stud in Texas.



We discussed Auburn moving to the top of the BCS rankings and discussed Ryan Mallett's future.  Tune in for a recap of the Cowboys Monday night game on Tuesday as we wrap up our coverage from Dallas with Brad Sham and other special guests! 


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