11/11/2010 2:47 PM

Pat and Justin with Jacksonville Museum or Military History Director Danna Kay Duggar

 Happy Veterans Day to all who have served and are serving.  Spenta great day honoring our friends in the military in Jacksonville.  An amazing museum indeed and an incredible collection of information and artifacts!  Go by and see them today!  We had a chance to meet and visit some of our heroes and I hope yo will hug a Vet today as well.

I (justin) get a jockstrap for the end of the Sugar Bowl Trivia in regards to Arkansas.  Arkansas is 1-4 not 0-5 as I attested in the show.  My bad.  Hopefully 2-5 by the time January 5 gets here!

We also carried on with some sports business including an interview with Gary Andrew Poole who writes for Time and has a book out on Manny Pacquiao who has a fight this weekend with Antonio Margarito in Dallas.  The book is called PacMan: Behind the Scenes With Manny Pacquiao--The Greatest Pound-for-Pound Fighter in the World

We talked about Manny's interests outside the sport, his relationship with trainer Freddy Roach and the problems with boxing in general and you can hear it here.

Pat was also able to run down former Hog Dontell Jefferson for a Where are you now segment. 

He was great and had a cup of coffee in the NBA and has been clowining in the D-League.  Great guy-we are pulling for you man.



Tomorrow our Rib Crib picks of the week, Bold player of the week and The Pisgskin Preacher.  I also encourage you to join us at Denton's for our deer widow's party.  Should be a blast as we auction off Pat, The Baz and RJ to the highest bidder in a benefit for Children's Hospital!  Come on back to The Zone Friday!


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